Find a New View

First and foremost: Travel, arranged by experienced and smart people who can offer you the right vacation for you. Plop on a beach, or wear ourself out. Relax into the ordinary or step up to the unique experience.

Secondly: Escape!Create!  Offering special places for adults looking to get away and find something new. It can be tough to make time for the creative process when you’re in the middle of the rest of your life. These adventures make room for your creative voice, though you do not need to be an ‘artist’ to take advantage. Lawyers and accountants need time to open their hearts too!

Come learn on your own, or with like-minded traveling companions in search of an escape to someplace new, with time to relax and reflect. People who love to paint, knit, draw, photograph, crochet, bead, and weave. Think! Write poetry! Create Zentangle inspired art! Meet the local color, men and women with special crafts to teach you.

Slow down. Come try an adventure to soothe you and inspire you. Discover new ways to express yourself. See how travel can change your life.

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