How to make a Tortilla

Professional tortilla making

All I can say is, you probably can’t do it. Even our teachers said it took them a year to learn. There is something about the movement of the hands, the pat pat pat of the dough, the heat of the wood fire in the stove… it looks so easy but those perfect, fat, round disks are just not that simple to make. Ours stuck to our hands, cracked at the edges, ended up oddly shaped with uneven thickness… There was lots of giggling which we understood, even in Spanish, meant we were goofing up.

But don’t be discouraged. It’s fun to try, and those who know what they’re doing will cook enough for you to enjoy. Warm. With a bit of queso fresco  and salt sprinkled on top. Oh so delicious.

I have a bag of tortilla flour on my kitchen counter right now. I found it at Stop ‘N Shop. It is corn meal with lime added (the secret ingredient I gather). Do I dare give it a try, with no one here to save me?

Have you ever tried yourself?

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