Why we Travel

Chairs on a Wall

Really, I get all stressed when I am about to leave town. I do this crazy thing where I feel like I have to clean out my closets, give away excess clothing, vacuum all the hidden corners, and reorganize the book shelves. So silly! But yet I keep traveling…..

Turns out I crave the time away from the things that clutter my mind. There is a freedom there that lets fresh hope and inspiration and new energy enter my soul. Like, who ever thought of collecting tiny chairs to hang on the wall? This is an idea that makes me see everything differently. A week out in the world is priceless!

So when I return home, with proof of Barbie in Panajachel (see previous post),  evidence of unthinkable talent in a weaving cooperative on Lake Atitlan, and the kindness, compassion and playfulness of strangers in the street markets of Guatemala – well, this just makes my life feel full of possibilities, ideas, and goals. And to have fun all along the way!

Such a gift from the world.

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