The Bathroom Trick

Take the time to climb the stairs…what might you find at the top?

This is an odd sort of post that has been brewing in my brain, while waiting to finalize our creative journey to Guatemala…. Hopefully I offend no one.

I was at work the other day, and on a quick trip to the bathroom I had a moment of thinking I might just stay put for awhile. When you work in a ‘pod’ with lots of distractions, conversations, and interruptions – and virtually zero privacy – a trip to the bathroom brings a kind of peace and serenity you can’t otherwise find. You close and lock the door and no one else is there. It can be dark and oh so quiet – Right ?!? I remember this as a mom with demanding children – the bathroom (you hoped!) was sanctuary.

Don’t we all need some quiet to think our own thoughts, and time to pull together threads of creativity? Even in the middle of a work day, or a mom day. Get away from the work phone, the cell phone, the fax, the colleagues, the kids, the meetings, the internet, the wild chaos of life in the year 2012. IT IS SO EXHAUSTING.

I admit it, sometimes I do this.  Behind the locked bathroom door I wait, pausing for longer than I need to, relishing  in the impossibility that someone might crash into my thought process and destroy the thing I was on my way to discovering.

What if you could do this for a whole week? Wouldn’t that be amazing? You could use your vacation time to escape all of the pre-conceived notions, all of the interruptions, all of the vapid  nothingness of sitting on a beach. You could discover and grow into someone new, more meaningful, more powerful. Find the thing that has been niggling in your head. Escape. Create.

Come with me!

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