Escape! Create!

hands creating

I always wanted to be an artist. I am a champion of collecting fabrics, paints, yarn, and ephemera of all kinds. The problem is, I never allow myself the time to fully explore my potential. I steep myself in work, then in laundry, dishes, dust balls and ‘errands’. Really, do I think there is ever going to be a time it is finally all DONE?

Maybe you are like this too. So try this: Escape! Leave town, go to a beautiful place where you won’t have a care in the world. Be inspired by the art and culture of a new place. And with nothing more pressing on your day, you’ll have the time to create. Maybe you’ll weave, or knit. Maybe you’ll paint or crochet. Write. Think! Create a new attitude, a new outlook on your life. Create something to give away or keep forever. And then return home, with all this new excitement clinging to you.

Everything may suddenly hold a different light for you.

Even those dust balls.

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