Why We Knit (or Crochet, or Sew, or…)

This weekend is the fifth anniversary of my favorite LYS, Stitch House. In reality my relationship with them began because of my sewing (and they have great fabric and patterns) and I have been known to teach a class or two there…. but as a secret, lurking knitter I can never resist the textures, the colors, the design of all the yarn and ideas that live there…. so I have been spending my Fridays of late with the Friday Night Knitters at Stitch House. So. Much. Fun.

Last night I asked – WHY do we knit? The answers varied but really were all the same. They said: It’s ZEN. It’s relaxing. It helps me focus, and release tension. It keeps my hands busy. It helps me think. It makes me feel good. It helps me socialize.

Many of the knitters don’t know what they will do with their project (or if it will even be finished!) but that seemed to not matter. Wow. So you mean I can keep starting projects, never really have anything to show for it, and that’s just fine? I like that.

Why? Because I believe the knitting (or the sewing, the crocheting, the embroidering…) is just a pathway to feeing us from the places we get stuck in every day life. The excessive Busy-ness. Jobs, chores, bills, kids, errands. Facebook! We need, we like to go to a quiet place. When we’re ‘quiet’ we have time to ‘listen’… to  our own new ideas, new thoughts, new creativity. And all of those things make us better people. Happier people. More energetic producers in the production line of life.

And now I have to get to Stitch House to pick up the free pattern they’re giving away today. I guess I need another unfinished project!

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