Lake Atitlan; Mindfulness and Marathons


Really, I am not a runner or an athlete, I much prefer the more sedentary mindful activities, like sewing, knitting, reading (ok, I do some walking too). But I do know many people who find creative bliss in getting out there and killing themselves in a marathon. And some of them are fiber fanatics too! Can you imagine….

So I am SUPER excited to see that there are plans for the Second Annual Lake Atitlan Marathon in November 2013. Our fiber addicted athlete friends can go to Guatemala for DOUBLE the thrills!

The 2012 run had over 300 participants from South and Central America and from far reaching countries like Viet Nam and New Zealand too, and the non profit event served as a fundraiser for environmental projects to protect the lake. Awesome, this is good for everyone.

The main event for 2013 is a marathon – full or half –  November 30th. If you want to run it  you can be sure we’ll make it happen, and create an amazing Thanksgiving-Creative-Gratitude week to compliment your obsession. And I can be there to cheer you on.

So pack up those running shoes along with you knitting or embroidery project, and let’s go!

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