Peru Peru Peru

2007 11 28 057There is something about the way the clouds move through the sky and the light plays off the mountains that is unlike anything I have ever seen before. To be in such a remote place, on top of the world, surrounded by magnificence… this is my kind of paradise.

The hiking is great, but so is the sitting and watching. So once you’ve maxed out your knees there is still an experience to be had, and Machu Picchu – for all of its magnificence – is by no means the pinnacle.  Peru is a wondrous meditation, in every way.

You can visit this country in a sedate way, or in a more challenging hiking way., You can camp in little tents, or even hike all day yet still sleep in lovely lodges only accessible by foot. You can stay in luxury hotels or go seriously budget.

However, let me warn you – After a long hike there is nothing so delicious, nothing as satisfying, nothing so memorable as a plate of french fries dipped in mayonnaise, perhaps with a cold beer in the other hand. For this, I would do it all again.

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