Day Two. Fifteen More Miles.

Really? Yes. Now I know all about I T bands and groin muscles. But it’s true, you just keep taking one step after another and then you’re done. At lunch – not until we only have an hour to go – we take our boots and socks off so everything can dry out. This must be the only place in the world where everyone does this. Socks are draped over ever chair. The are lots of places to stop for water, bathrooms, food, ice cream – the services are plentiful. But we’ve also learned once you stop oh it is so hard to get moving again. The whole body seizes up!

The scenery is magical. Beautiful wooded trails overlooking farm lands though there are also times we’re on a track next to a highway. The weather is gorgeous, with not a cloud in the sky (did I say that already?). The people are cheery and friendly and you soon learn who the pilgrims on your path are. They come from Ireland, the USA, Germany, France, the UK. And a shout out to Steffie and Frank from Gloucester, here for their 45th wedding anniversary. They’ve breezed right by me a couple of times… They are awfully fit!

Tonight we stay in a guest house outside of town. Parada das Bestas is lovely and peaceful but the extra time to get there (by taxi,  included in the stay) feels a bit exhausting. It is easier to arrive into town and be ‘home’ already… The food is excellent but dinner is so late in Spain – and there is way too much to eat! Long before the 8p dinner time we’re longing to go to bed…..

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