On to Melide

  Unfortunately there is no water At. All. in the guest house this morning. Luckily we showered last night and have bottled water to brush our teeth. But for that, along with the dogs that barked all night…well, some of the guests are a bit irate. I sense a torrent of Trip Advisor displeasure is looming…. 

About those dogs… Three of them, a giant white lab looking thing, and an even MORE giant grey and white mottled thing the size of a small horse, their tiny little fur ball puppy (constantly after mom for milk)… And then a teeny tiny chihuahua who scoots in and out of their legs. All very cute (until the barking at 2am). In Spain they do love their dogs.

Oh, but the Camino…Today is an easy day – only 15 KM, about 3.5 hours walking time. Most of the day is spent marveling at how I now see that as something simple. This is a MOST beautiful day of peaceful walking, even though I am pretty sore. The wind is magical and cooling, and makes a wonderful sound to walk by. It’s cherry season in Galicia, and we bought a bagful from a tiny fruit stand – delicious. Along today’s route were two ancient and lovely churches where I gladly paid a Euro each to light candles for those in my heart (you know who you are).

Since we landed in Melide by 130, this is where we had lunch, after checking into our Pension, the Carlos 96. Louis seems to do everything here, from check in to bar tending, to serving food, to doing laundry – and always with a smile on his face. I tried the local octopus (pulpo) cooked in olive oil with lemon. Very tasty. Susan stuck to the ensalada mixto which always has the best lettuce. Then we searched for a farmacia, but everything here shuts down 2-430P for siesta. Which is what we should have been doing instead of walking around town.

Susan has the worst, most disgusting blisters (I have none). So she invested in some trekking sandals which we have seen frequently on the trail. Honestly there really does come a time when money is no object! When the farmacia reopened we discovered you can get 40 tablets of 600mg ibuprofen for under $3. We’re stocking up.

After dinner I made the mistake of sitting down with a small group we have become friendly with, to play some cards. Suddenly it was after 11pm and we’d all had a bit too much vino tinto….but it was fun. Until…….

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