Melide to Arzua, 13 km

….this morning, when the alarm went off. I was not feeling very well! On top of not enough sleep David, a guide we have befriended (even though he is not our guide – but I think we’ll owe him a tip at the end), said today would be very, very hard with a lot of steep hills to climb. So I set out with a high anxiety level (even though Bernie, a woman from Ireland, said not to worry, Santiago would get me through).

Again, the trail was mostly wooed paths with eucalyptus and oak trees overhead. Yes there were some steep climbs but I didn’t complain, waiting for the really bad part to come. And then suddenly we were in Arzua! Woo hoo.

For lunch I had pimientos de padron which are the. MOST delicious little green chili looking peppers. They aren’t spicy, but they’re roasted in olive oil and salt and they are sublime. That and a cerveca pequeno were the best 6EU I’ve spent the whole trip.

Again we are staying at a lovely country home, outside of town. It’s just as well I can get into the card game again tonight. And since we were here by 3p we actually have time to enjoy the views and quiet. So far I’ve only seen one dog here – he’s asleep at my feet, in the shade and the cows are mooing in the background.

Both Susan and I noted, as we stood up after lunch, that we were feeling good. Not so stiff and paralyzed. I’m pretty sure once we get to Santiago we’ll be in just the right shape for the Camino. Wonder how we maintain this back in real life.


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