Departure and Arrival

May 23…. Reaching Sarria, our starting point, involved 18 hours of airport and flights, then a pleasant 90 minute transfer from Santiago. Where we hope to make it back to by Saturday. Anyway, we made it all through despite misplacing a passport in Madrid, and enduring mediocre food (why do we eat 5 meals trying to figure out what time of day it is??), and a VIP lounge with no WiFi. All of that left us with stiff bodies which we keep forgetting to stretch out….but now we’re here for a good night’s sleep.


Universal Icons: Barbie and Pringles

Barbie at home Guatemala

I discovered early on in my travels that Pringles are EVERYWHERE. I’ve never figured out how or why they became such a universal necessity (believe me, after hiking in the High Atlas mountains Pringles are a requirement to recovery) but I have never been anywhere I couldn’t find a stack of Pringles.

But Barbie? I did not expect to find her draped in hand woven huipils in Guatemala.

However there was no sign of Ken.