Costa Rica

There is nothing like a walk through a rainforest – full of monkeys, birds, sloths, leaf cutter ants and more – to help you know you are Someplace Else. No job, no phone, no laundry, no errands here! Paradise.

Then, you might meet local artisans who can show you what they do with pottery, with paper made from banana leaf, with tagua nuts. Nature, wildlife, beautiful beaches and some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

I’ve walked the beaches, swung through the tree tops, rafted rivers, biked the plantation, and had my boots grow mold from the wet of the cloud forest. I saw baby toucanettes in their nest, butterflies the size of my fist, and hummingbirds of every size and color! I’ve seen bubbling mud pots of volcanic springs in gorgeous mountains and thundering waterfalls secreted in lush primary rainforest. You don’t even know how great ants are until you’ve met the leaf cutter variety.

My friends in Costa Rica are ready to welcome you….Let me help you find the Costa Rica that will give you as much adventure, culture, creativity, or peace as you desire. Be wild or hang on the beach – I can do it either way, the right way

Honeymoon, adventure, recovery, or renewal – it’s waiting for you.

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