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Rug Hooking, Textiles, and Artisans

In March 2014 12 women experienced a life changing ‘vacation’.  The Guatemala Rug Hooking Project is an act of love founded in 2009 by Mary Ann Wise and Jody Slocum of Wisconsin. Two of the most inspirational women I have ever met! They introduced rug hooking to members of Oxlajuj B’atz’, a Maya women’s educational and empowerment organization in Panajachel, Guatemala where I visited in 2011.

In 2012 they developed a design curriculum where literacy and math are not a prerequisite. They taught 7 Mayan women to become rug-hooking teachers in their rural communities scattered across the Highlands of Guatemala. In 2013 The Rug Hooking Project expanded to women in seven communities scattered across the highlands of Guatemala. Now in 2014 there are more than 70 artisans producing breathtaking rugs.

Amongst the volcanoes circling Lake Atitlan, with blue skies above, we met our 12 rug hooking Maya ‘buddies’ and spent five days with them learning the skills they excel at with nothing more than used clothing bought from the local pacas. The laughter, dancing, joy, and sharing that took place was something that will stay in our hearts forever. Not a dry eye in the house when we said goodbye.

Join us in 2018.

 Email  moo@travelvivid  for more information

4 thoughts on “Guatemala

  1. Please tell me about the beautiful rug hooking being done by the Guatemalan girl in the photo. Did you teach her? What village is this? I also am an avid hooker and traveler. I’ll be in Guatemala in april.

    1. Hi Janet, the weaving and rug hooking workshops are organized by Thirteen Threads, an organization in Panajachel. You MUST visit them, there is a great shop there. And they have workshops too, though I don’t know if their timing will over lap with your plans. Let mw know if you want any help with your plans, you can reach me at 857-488-4345.. but I leave for India on the 27th! Moo

    1. Esther, I was traveling in India – sorry for the delay responding. Let me know if you want to talk about your trip before you go – I’d love to put you in touch with the weavers.

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